November 20, 2017

The disturbing thing about cultural Christianity is the high percentage of fake Christians.



November 20, 2017

A comment to my son: Don’t worry about winning, do your best, and leave the winning up to God.

Necessary pain

November 20, 2017

Taking up and bearing our cross means bearing necessary pain, unavoidable pain, and moving on regardless of it.


November 20, 2017

How could a true Christian ever desire to be above his brother?


November 20, 2017

The only real and lasting honor we have is the honor which is ours by virtue of being in Christ, which causes us to live honorable lives.

A contradiction

November 19, 2017

You are much greater than any idol, so if you do worship an idol it’s a contradiction, you’ve got things around the wrong way.


November 19, 2017

Either God hears our prayer, or He doesn’t.

If He doesn’t, don’t waste your time.

If He does, devote yourself completely to prayer.


November 19, 2017

If we don’t know ourselves, how can we possibly know God?

The only chance we have of knowing ourselves is if we know God, He will make sure of it.

Why on earth?

November 18, 2017

If we’re doing something God condemns, why on earth would we continue doing it?


November 18, 2017

“In Hebrews 13:17, most translations tell us to “obey” those who are leaders in the church.

In the Greek, that verb is in the middle voice and actually means to “be persuaded”.

Yet it is often mistranslated “obey” in the active voice.

Properly translated, we are to be persuaded by those who lead. Otherwise, they have no authority.

There is NO command in the New Testament to blindly follow any leader …

And no mandate for authoritarianism over God’s people.”

~ Jim Wright

Forever wealth

November 18, 2017

Praying for others is part of that wealth you can keep forever.

God can be trusted

November 18, 2017

God can be trusted.

The true nature of things

November 18, 2017

One characteristic of the Holy Spirit is He will show you the true nature of things – all things, beginning with God, and how they relate to God.

Overcoming evil with love

November 18, 2017

Just a little…

November 17, 2017

Just a little thankfulness to God is a great thing.


November 15, 2017

Yes, we need to be very patient with other believers, and yet we would not want to be such a person whom others need to learn to be patient with.

Life and breath

November 15, 2017

God even gives life and breath to atheists, and allows them to live on the earth a short time.

When fake becomes normal

November 15, 2017

The end-time falling away of Christendom is like this, people backslide and then look at the lives of other backsliders and think they are normal, comforting themselves in this.


November 15, 2017

Australia just voted overwhelmingly in favor of SSM.


Australia chose to reject God, but God will choose the punishment, Australia will not get to choose that. To reject God’s moral law has to be a rejection of God, Himself, how else can it be viewed?


November 15, 2017

What would be the point of being a very “nice” Christian at the expense of never telling people the truth? Yes, you would be “nice” but you would be a joke.