Humanism – 666

Just looking at the topic: ” satan’s humanistic ‘gospel’ ” , which Jamie raised on RS.

Some time recently my attention was drawn to looking at what 666 is (Rev. 13) , and we know that 6 is the number of man, and that triple 6 is like a counterfeit “trinity” , perhaps representing the fullness of man.

When we have the real Father, Son and Holy Spirit we have all of God. God is perfectly One in three distinct Persons.

Likewise, when the unholy trinity is revealed, it represents the logical – natural ascent /evolution of man into what he thinks is perfection/the ultimate. If natural-unregenerate men are optimists, they will naturally tend to believe that mankind is improving and evolving into something better (dominionism). They also employ Biblical language and quotes to support this hypothesis.

Something like what’s represented in Oprah’s “The Secret” : the world collectively says “NOW we’ve got it, now we’ve arrived, now we have the answer we’ve all been seeking for millennia, the answer to end all wars and conflict and usher in a kingdom of peace and brotherly love…”

Unless Christians really love the truth that is in Jesus Christ they will be swept away with it, as perhaps the majority of christendom has already believed the lie and is under the control of the antichrist spirit, which is humanism under the guise of Christianity.

Rick Warren, Billy Graham….. you name it.

President Bush (Billy’s mate) just let the cat out of the bag, again, last week, saying that all religions pray to the same God.


5 Responses to “Humanism – 666”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    In addition: It’s the natural course of natural man ; where mankind has to end up if he keeps on the course he’s presently on ; the consummation of human wisdom – humanism ; the perfection of man ; the maturity of the human race ; coming of age.

    The steps toward this are seen in the frequent acknowledging of a universal human wisdom, a common wisdom, a common thread, a common denominator : a shared universal spirituality.

    God has already declared it will be (Rev. 17:17).


  2. ianvincent Says:

    The Kingdom of the Beast is a parallel – counterfeit of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Christ.

    The Lord Jesus said that even the elect could n-e-a-r-l-y be deceived by the false prophets of the counterfeit Kingdom.

    That means that it’s almost a perfect counterfeit of the true : if the elect could nearly be deceived by it, ; could come within a hair-breadth of buying into it. For the elect to nearly be deceived we are not talking about cults, not even the RC church, the biggest cult of all. We are talking about movements that have enough orthodoxy that true Bible believing saints could nearly be sucked in.

    I’ve been in that place, have you? Where you nearly buy into it, bcos it appeals to your soulish realm, your emotions, strongly, and not to your recreated spirit which is renewed daily in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, thru the Truth of His Word.

    It appeals to a phony-soulish representation of who Jesus of Nazareth is.

    The heart of the counterfeit kingdom is the deification of man ( 2 Thess. 2:4 , Gen. 3:5).

    The progressive steps toward this deification are ubiquitous these days : today the truth of the total and utter depravity of man, as a sinner who who needs a Savior, has all but been lost to the christian-business-money-changing facilities. It’s bad for business.


  3. ianvincent Says:

    Deification of self invariably is manifested in an ever so subtle way.

    Recently we visited a nominal Christian woman, a devout church goer, outwardly a Christian, and my wife and another sister got to share a bit of the gospel with her. In the course of the conversation she said, “I’ve never done any thing so bad that God would send me to hell for it.”

    Jesus is not her Savior, for Christ came into the world to save sinners, and this woman believes she doesn’t need saving. She doesn’t realize it, but she has deified herself, and in so doing has trampled the precious blood of the Lamb under her feet. Yet extremely religious, and outwardly a devout Christian.

    Believing in oneself, the power of positive thinking, self-love (even in a “Christian” context) are all traits of the deification – enthroning – coronation of self, and this is the substance of the ever so subtle serpent’s counterfeit Kingdom of the Beast.

    For he that refuses to deny his own self and take up his cross and follow Jesus is none of His.


  4. ianvincent Says:

    a) Exerting our will onto others is actually witchcraft. I saw that a lot when i was in America. People get hypnotized by a man, or woman, when it’s Jesus they should fall in love with and submit to.

    b)We should only speak the words of God which the Holy Spirit gives, quickens to our spirit, if He gives us utterance, and whatever impressions He gives us at the time we should obey it, by faith.

    c) Following a formula is like unto witchcraft, bcos it’s independence from the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    d) Our Lord said that His gospel will be preached in all nations “as a witness” and then the end shall come. Pragmatists (PDLers) don’t like this ministry of being a witness, they have to see results, and see it immediately, that’s why they often take the things of God into their own hands and try and force it thru by manipulating people (witchcraft).

    e) If that woman is going to be saved it will be on the same basis that the Lord saved any of us : His mercy alone. However, she is not without witness, and our conscience is clear concerning our role.

    All things work together for good, for those who love the Lord, and who are called according to His purpose.


  5. ianvincent Says:

    The ” 666 humanist spirit ” massages Christians ever so smoothly, replacing (usurping) God’s Word with man’s word/opinion, but not all at once, rather, little by little, progressively, yet so gradual that it’s imperceptible to those whose spiritual senses have been dulled, bcos they have not esteemed the truth of God’s Word above His name.

    The Harlot Roman “church” has been this way from it’s beginnings with Constantine. Yet, what we see today is a seduction of those who should know better, who’ve had, and rejected, God’s Word. Humanism is having more influence in their lives than the Truth.

    The frog in the pot, being brought to the boil, yet doesn’t realize the fatal process it’s undergoing / yielded itself to. That’s what’s happening today among many who go by Jesus’ name.

    I’ve just realized again how that the “wine of her fornication” can seduce and intoxicate.

    “Has God said?” — Every place you hear that, it’s the same serpent.


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