The inestimable value of the Bible

Imagine if there were no Bible.

If there were no Bible, there would surely be many wannabe “bibles” in the market place, jostling for position ; its just human nature. Bible means “book”, and all the nations follow various books, their own type of bible ; I mean, the source of authority for what they believe, what they stand on and stand for, and whatever values or principles (or lack of them) they have: it all comes from somewhere, from a source, or sources.

Of course, today, TV and internet sources are probably where most people have imbibed their “truth”. It’s got to the point now in the world that any source of authority for truth, secular or religious, is considered a more authoritative source of truth than the Bible.

Oprah and Dr Phil are the modern prophets. If you went on Oprah and quoted Plato or Nelson Mandela, there would be hushed reverential respect, but if you quoted the Bible, you would get smirks.

It’s no different in the “emerging church” scene : the leaders’ opinions are taken ever so seriously, (especially if he wears thick-rimmed glasses), and the Bible not so. See:


In the days when the Bible was contraband, that era was called “The Dark Ages”.

Imagine if there were no Bible? Thank the Lord God for preserving His words, His truth in Jesus, till now.


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