“Spirit Vs Bible” ?

How could the Spirit of Truth ever bring forth, or enunciate, a truth that is not in the Bible, or contradicts the Bible?

“Ah!”, someone says, “The Bible doesn’t tell us where to go and what to do, and when to do it!”

The leading of the Holy Spirit is NOT truth, it is direction, yet His leading will never contradict the Truth He inspired in the Scriptures.

The teaching, however, of the Holy Spirit is exclusively Bible truth, without exception.

This counters the bogus-ludicrous dichotomy (false separation) that is often presented these days: “Taught by the Spirit Vs being taught by the Scriptures”.

There is no truth apart from Scripture. If we test anything anyone says at anytime, either, it agrees with, or conforms to, Scripture, or it doesn’t.

Whenever we talk it is either in harmony with Scripture truth, or it is something else.

Our Lord said that when the Holy Spirit comes He will bring all the Words Jesus has spoken to our remembrance. That’s the “kind” of word/truth we should hear, and be in our hearts, His.

We don’t quote scripture to one another constantly as a means of communicating what’s in our heart (though we certainly all don’t yet have the proper esteem for His Word) YET, if the TRUTH of what I say at anytime differs, clashes with, or negates from the truth of Scripture, then it’s a lie.

So unless the “Spirit Vs Bible” debaters (or anyone else) have a scriptural basis/foundation for their argument, that is, the truth they speak IS actually God’s Word, then its man’s word (Matt 15:9) and that is sin and vanity, eh.

Someone will also say, “Jesus is the Truth!”. Yes He is. How will you know whether you have the real Jesus, or an imaginary, or demonic counterfeit? The Bible alone will be the only authority on that matter.


2 Responses to ““Spirit Vs Bible” ?”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    What truth do you articulate that is not Scripture truth? Can you spell it out? E.g. “Here is a truth i’m going to articulate, and it’s not found anywhere in Scripture.”

    It’s more honest to at least give the Author the credit for all truth, and even better to cite Him, that way people won’t get the impression that truth originates with you.

    But, that strikes at the root of the matter : Who gets the credit / glory ?

    When a person is committed to their own glory, eventually they have to try and forge a separation and cause people to think that truth originates from them, or, that they are a special dispenser of it.

    If we say, “Well, i read it in the Bible” there’s no glory for us, and hence the religion business stops ; No glory to be had, no name to be made, no profits from book sales etc…… Something like how the first disciples of Jesus were and lived.


  2. ianvincent Says:

    Have you had any revelations so far in your life which contradict the truth of Scripture?

    A comment from:


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