Wacko land – more universal lie

Rethink Conference: Crystal Cathedral, California
January 17, 2008

Robert Schuller once said: “Standing before a crowd of devout Muslims with the Grand Mufti, I know that we’re all doing God’s work together. Standing on the edge of a new millennium, we’re laboring hand in hand to repair the breach.” He made that statement in his 2001 biography, My Journey (p. 501), and today he has taken a giant step forward in seeing his dream of an all all-inclusive spiritual body come true. What’s more, Christian leaders and organizations are helping to bring it to pass.

Today, the Rethink Conference at Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral began. This three day event is hosted by Schuller and popular emerging futurist Erwin McManus.

In addition to McManus, the Rethink Conference has several other Christian leaders speaking: Gary Smalley, Henry Cloud, Chuck Colson, and Kay Warren, to name a few. While the speaker list includes several names outside the Christian camp (Larry King, George Bush Sr., Rupert Murdoch, etc.), a majority of the speakers, both Christian and non-Christian, are proponents mystical spirituality. The reason this is important to know is because Schuller’s vision of an all-inclusive global religious body cannot happen without mysticism.

It is in fact the vehicle through which Schuller’s dream will occur. He discloses a little more of this vision in his book:


I met once more with the Grand Mufti (a Muslim), truly one of the great Christ-honoring leaders of faith. … I’m dreaming a bold impossible dream: that positive-thinking believers in God will rise above the illusions that our sectarian religions have imposed on the world, and that leaders of the major faiths will rise above doctrinal idiosyncrasies, choosing not to focus on disagreements, but rather to transcend divisive dogmas to work together to bring peace and prosperity and hope to the world. (p. 502).In order for this “bold impossible dream” to occur, change agents such as Schuller and McManus realize that Christianity needs to be redefined. Thus, the term rethink. “


5 Responses to “Wacko land – more universal lie”

  1. Bob Gordon Says:

    Just the statement, ” I’m dreaming a bold impossible dream:”
    speaks volumes to me. At some point Schuller had knowledge of the truth and is now become stiff necked against the gospel.

    He’s confessing that it is impossible and going to do it anyway.
    How deluded can you be?????? It should seal in us the level of deception that is seeping from the apostate and overtaking the body at large.

  2. Gillian Says:

    I’m not too sure about this, but Robert Schuller belongs to the Norman Vincent Peale brigade – both of which are Freemasons, and Freemasons are Baal worshippers. Of course they don’t tell this to those on the lower degrees, but by the time one gets to the 33rd degree – they’ve had to deny Jesus Christ – because it’s the only way they can “climb the Freemasonry ladder”. It’s nothing short of sickening.

    Robert Schuller is also Word of Faith which embraces the Prosperity Gospel – both are occultic teachings – which “The Secret” embraces – what it inevitably does and says is that you don’t need God or His assistance to get through life or to bring you success – you aren’t or don’t have to be fully reliant on Him – which is unscriptural, because we need to be fully and wholly reliant on God Almighty.

    Jesus Christ is the ONLY way. The notion that there are several paths to God and that He saves us even if we don’t believe in His Word or teachings or follow Him is a blatant Satanic lie.

  3. ianvincent Says:

    To even be accepted into Freemasonry initially, one has to deny Christ as the only Savior, by accepting the Masonic creed, which denies Christ, stating that all religions worship the same God but just have different names for Him.

    Anyone who has thought of Schuller, and those who approve of him, as Christian, needs to repent of approving and accepting the spirit of antichrist.


  4. ianvincent Says:

    An interview with Schuller:


  5. Mark Finger Says:

    In my opinion, anyone who approves of Robert Schuller’s message (as you have quoted it) is either unsaved or given over to fleshly lusts that can only be satisfied by cooperating with Schuller and others like him (preaching for filthy lucre).

    It’s not even a clever deception: it’s just carnality dressed up in a religious lifestyle. Also, it’s blasphemy to do what they are doing in the name of Christ.

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