If people don’t believe the truth, they believe lies

If people don’t believe the truth, they believe lies, therefore, we need to consider the importance of the Scriptures, and why God gave them to us, and rightly divide the Word.

The Scriptures are given into the context of this world of lies we live in, under the sway of the father of liars, who loves and makes a lie, who comes as a “minister of righteousness”, and as an “angel of light” : the whole world believing lies……


… in this context we have the Scriptures given to us, who are “not of the world”, for our edification (faith), guidance, instruction, warning and correction.


2 Responses to “If people don’t believe the truth, they believe lies”

  1. Mark Finger Says:

    This is a fact.

  2. Gillian Says:

    If there is the Truth.
    If there is Lies.

    What’s inbetween? Is there a middle ground?

    NO. But what the wolves in sheeps clothing are inevitably doing today is propagating half truths, i.e., truth mixed with lies – that’s what makes the lie more believable. It’s like poisoning someone slowly, or it can also be likened to the proverbial frog in the pot – put him in cold water and slowly turn up the temperature – that way he dies without even realising it – it’s how a lot of christians are bamboozled and literally are sent to hell with a smile on their faces. It’s downright sickening.

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