When ‘prayer’ is IDOLATRY

The IHOP connection.



How prayer is taught in IHOP

Method #1

Choose a short phrase in Scripture.
Begin slowly praying the Scripture in silence.
Focus your prayer toward the Spirit who lives inside you (John 7:38).
Remain on the phrase as long as you feel the Lord’s presence on it. Then move with Him, slowly praying through the passage phrase by phrase.

Method #2
Choose a short story in Scripture.
Read through the story several times silently.
Close your eyes and acknowledge the Spirit who lives in you.
Use your imagination to imagine yourself as one of the story characters or as an onlooker.
Play out the story in your mind applying all five of your senses.

Method #3
We call this “Beholding the Spirit Within.”
The goal is to search for and feel God’s presence inside you, not necessarily to gain more understanding in God’s Word as with the first two methods.
Begin by gently praying a short passage of Scripture in silence while focusing on the indwelling Spirit. The Scripture is used to quiet the clamoring of your soul and draw you to God. It is the connection point, the springboard into the spiritual realm.
Once you feel God’s presence, focus on it in a concentrated way.
You will be able to notice His presence now; He has always been there, but now your attention is on Him within you. The outward senses are quiet and your surface thoughts are gone. You are beginning to be consumed by the Spirit.
In this time, feel the freedom to stay quiet. Silently ask the Spirit to show you a vision, or slowly and silently say to Him, “I love You. I love You. I love You.”

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Yes, one can approach an idol by using a technique or method, but the PERSON of Jesus (the real one as recorded in the Bible) won’t allow Himself to be approached that way.

Would YOU like to be treated like an idol and not as a real person? Would you like your friend to use a technique and follow instructions as to how they should communicate with you?


Jesus doesn’t like it either.

2 Responses to “When ‘prayer’ is IDOLATRY”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Focus prayer on the “spirit” who lives inside me?? Man you have to do some scripture twisting to justify that!!

  2. ianvincent Says:

    John 17:1 Jesus spoke these words,

    ***lifted up His eyes to heaven***

    , and said: “Father, the time has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You,

    Our Father who is in heaven.

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