In South India for a few days

Arrived in Thanjavur S. India yesterday to spend some time in the Word with a few brothers and sisters and also preaching the gospel. Yesterday, a lady in a house we visited said she will follow Jesus.

It’s been a joy, we’re having great fellowship, night and day, in the LORD Jesus. Please keep Richard and I and also Paul, who is traveling with us, in your prayers, and also my family at home.

One thing that has been impressed in my heart on this trip is how the LORD Jesus personally calls each one of His own, and they are His. What a mighty thing it is to be called by Him and to be His! …And to live for Him.  What a high calling.

Many times, due to wrong conditioning/learning, we don’t acknowledge each of God’s elect as personally called by Jesus Christ ; we don’t give them that most basic of honors as co-redeemed people – if we look down upon them or exalt ourselves above them or claim a superior or higher knowledge of Jesus than them.

We simply commend people to the Word of God, exhorting them to cleave to the LORD, just as we do.

The LORD knows who are His; He knows who loves Him and who does not.

2 Responses to “In South India for a few days”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    Arrived home a few hours ago. Thanks to all who prayed. We had a great time in the LORD, we functioned as a team. And i got personally revived, refreshed and some admonition from from our LORD, specifically; that the hour is very late, and i’m gonna give myself wholly to holding forth the Word of God, and avoid tangents and things which aren’t a declaration of the Word. A few other things i’ll share later, Lord-willing.

  2. lionfiish Says:

    I got a word the other day. I believe that these are times that require discernment. The parable of the 10 virgins in Matt 25 has been on my mind all week.

    It is clearly sin (greed, usury and ignorance) that is at the root of the financial crisis. It is time to pay attention.

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