Honey bees learn to count: researchers

An Australian and a Swedish researcher say they have proved honey bees are more intelligent than previously thought. Professor Mandyam Srinivasan from Queensland University and Dr Marie Dacke trained honey bees to count by placing food at different markers.

Professor Srinivasan says he has also found bees can learn colours and smells and be trained to fly through complicated mazes. “The more we look at these creatures that have a brain the size of a sesame seed, the more astonished we are,” he said. “They really have a lot of the capacities that we so-called higher human beings possess.”

The scientists also say they have proved honey bees can count to four. The put five markers inside a tunnel and placed nectar at one of them. When honey bees were put in the tunnel, they flew to the marker with the food. Professor Srinivasan says when the experiment was repeated without nectar the bees still flew to the marker that had contained the food. “We find that if you train them to the third stripe, they will look subsequently in the third stripe,” he said. ‘If you train them to the fourth stripe, they will look in the fourth stripe and so on. “But their ability to count seems to go only up to four. They can’t count beyond four.”



Only intelligence can design and create intelligence. It’s extremely unintelligent to think that intelligence came into being thru a random – chance – coincidental – accidental linking up of elements, atoms and molecules.

Just the fact that we observe such a thing as intelligence in creatures, and acknowledge that we have been given a faculty to appreciate such things ( a spirit), should be reason enough to bow our knee to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One Response to “Honey bees learn to count: researchers”

  1. Lionfish Says:

    They sound more intelligent than some people I know. Truly. :-)

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