Yesterday, was thinking about the absurdity of evolutionary theory, particularly: If, for example, you take any organ within a mammal (and consider that the whole body system requires virtually all of the multitude of organs to be functioning together correctly for the mammal to live) ; each organ is a system within a system. For a single organ to mutate its way to the point that it would actually begin to work (to live, be ‘viable’) would require millions of individual mutations, AND, in the correct sequence, IF it were possible to happen (but it’s impossible).

So, this morning, i typed in “evolution and mutations” into Google and got this interesting short clip from the movie “Expelled”. Enjoy. (It’s only 2:23 so even dial-up will do it).


2 Responses to “Expelled!”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    The amount of genetic code within the human body, if written on paper, would fill the Grand Canyon several times over.

    Assuming then that each separate piece of code (specific genetic information, each specific gene) requires a distinct mutation for it to come into existence, then we’re talking billions of mutations, all in perfect sequence and order and compatibility, for humans to have evolved.

    Evolution says that this is the product of a random process.

  2. ianvincent Says:

    And how the very first gene or DNA mutated into being is a wonder. There was no such thing as a gene or as DNA, then somewhere in the primordial soup a lone piece of matter mutates into DNA, into a perfect and complex mathematical formula??

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