Discrimination laws close in on the Industry

They will give up their moral principles, or face the anti-discrimination laws that will be passed to force churches, organizations and people to comply with the immoral doctrines of the socialist, secular humanists. unquote

I wonder with how many saints, as they read the NT, a light will be switched on and they will realize that Christianity forsook the wisdom of God He gave the early church.

They had no organization in the formal sense, fully relational. They faced a totalitarian regime with confidence and thrived, relationally. But it required faith.

One Response to “Discrimination laws close in on the Industry”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    My comment on a forum, as to why christian star celebs don’t post on forums:

    Just on the matter that Todd Bentley seems to spend a reasonable amount of time on the net : If he’s on the net, does he see forums like this, and Charisma, where his sins have been challenged? If so, why does he never comment?

    My theory as to why celebs don’t comment on forums is this:

    They have learned from the music and entertainment industry that a ’star’ must create his/her own mythology about themselves, and one of the ways they do this is to avoid talking to the ‘public’, the plebs, if you like.

    This practice of distancing themselves from the real world, from meeting and fellowshipping with real people, helps to maintain an aura (excuse the word) of mystery ; makes them more intriguing, and more apt to be idolized and get a fan base.

    They become something “other” than the normal christian : larger than life, and unreachable. It is actually a spiritual idolatry of people we’re talking about. It’s all a myth. Hooey. It’s just a mirage that will vaporize into nothing at Jesus’ coming.

    In the religion ministry industry, to get one’s ‘break’ means they won’t have to do any real work again. They’re set up for life on book royalties etc.

    That’s why so many try and try for years to get their break into the Industry, paying their dues. Only an elite few get their break.


    Simony : To put a material price on spiritual things.

    ‘a deliberate intention of buying or selling for a temporal price such things as are spiritual of annexed unto spirituals’

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