Love is not a ‘thing’

…rather, it is the description of the nature of a RELATIONSHIP between persons.

If a person claims to ‘have’ love, to possess it as a substance, a thing,  but does not have any real relationships of love, they are fooling themselves.

One Response to “Love is not a ‘thing’”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    Just wrote this to a brother:

    the only thing i’ll say bro is that there’s a big difference between being in the IC ministry as a preacher of the gospel or teacher, and with relational life , as in the NT. the LORD has led me in the latter, working thru relationships, as He ordains and opens the door for them.

    that’s why i said before, that i believe if anyone is truly serving the Body of Christ, sooner or later their home is going to be full of brothers and sisters.

    the IC approach is different : you preach but you get to keep your own life, your privacy, your own desires of the flesh, and preaching to people who couldn’t really give a stuff whether you lived or died, a bit like internet relationships, so few give a stuff about you, its not real.

    John 17 : we can’t separate the preaching of the gospel from the unity we share in Christ Jesus our LORD, where the rubber meets the road.

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