What’s it gotta do with love?

….All this talk about warning Christians about falling away; what’s that gotta do with love? Bcos it’s Jesus who warns and all that He is is love, even His judgments. A Holy love we barely understand, that will never rob God of His Glory ; all things He has ordained are to do with His Glory.

If Jesus warns people it’s bcos of His amazing love, and it’s a love that will never diminish or take from the Glory of God.

But someone may say, I won’t serve God from fear or from a threat, I will only serve Him from love.

OK, that’s true, but back up a little; if you can’t even accept His warnings as being from Him, then you can’t even begin to talk about serving God out of love bcos you’ve just blasphemed Him by inferring that He is a liar, or, you refuse to acknowledge what He said bcos you judge it as not fitting your concept of Divine love, which also is the same, shows one is a reprobate, still separated from God.

Those who take away from His Word have no love for Him, in truth, and any unbelief at any statement of God is a form of defamation against Him. You can’t talk about love until you accept what He says in Scripture.

The indicator a person is deceived about this is when they struggle to accept the so called ‘hard sayings’ of Scripture.

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