A song of Praise

Father, thank you that YOU called me out of darkness and into the glorious Light of your Son,

Be magnified LORD Jesus today!

We rejoice in our weakness LORD, for we rejoice in your strength alone, that you alone receive the Glory!

We acknowledge your Hand upon us – you have hand fed us all our days, you have weaned us, you have watched over and delivered us from all the enemy’s plans,

Many times he has tried to destroy us but you have delivered us; you send your angels to help and deliver your children,

Your loving care for us overwhelms us, when we really think about it.

We are your people forever, LORD!  A people called out of this world to make openly known your virtues,  O LORD!

There is only one God and one LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself on the cross for the sin of this world.

LORD Jesus, you loved your Father more than your own life ; you endured the cross for Him and for us, and we will eternally praise you!

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