The Church should be producing men and women of God

Going to watch a show and sing a few songs every Sunday doesn’t make one into a man or woman of God.

I mean real men and women of God; not neurotic, psychotic, fearful, worldly, selfish, mixed up, etc..

How God ordained His Church to function was the environment He created for men and women of God to spring forth, the environment that He would raise them up in.

The breakdown of societies has often been traced to the breakdown of the family unit. If one wanted to destroy a nation they must first destroy the family unit.

Similarly, if there’s no spiritual family or  if it’s a divided and broken spiritual family, what’s Christianity going to be like? If the most basic spiritual brotherly/sisterly relationships are not there, what will the big picture look like?

Therefore, for satan to try and destroy the Church he must work at destroying the grass roots relationships, the Apostolic pattern, and replace it with a show one attends, run by a man on a financial contract to orchestrate the show.

Have you seen kids from a broken home – what they’re often like?  What about the children of  a broken church?

If you look at your own life in Christ, God didn’t make you what you are today in a vacuum or in a test tube. Yes, the grace of God won the day, regardless.

One Response to “The Church should be producing men and women of God”

  1. ianvincent Says:

    The Church should be producing men and women of God… i don’t mean some institution out there should be doing it, i mean US, we should be investing our lives in nurturing young men and women of God.

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