Cindy Jacobs: an ‘ANZAC anointing’?

As an ex pat Aussie let me comment on the ‘anzac anointing’, which Cindy Jacobs is prophesying over Australia.

ANZAC is an acronym for Australian & New Zealand Army Corps, which became folk lore in Australia after the failed Gallipoli campaign of WW1, and has been, in the past, very much a force for galvanizing Australian patriotic pride and sense of identity as a nation.

The ‘diggers’, as they are also called, were very brave and tenacious, and good humored under terrible circumstances. Yet the campaign was a failure, the ANZACs were defeated by the Muslim Turkish army, and hindsight revealed that the whole operation was a failure, and worse, a travesty in the way that the British command kept sending the Anzacs ‘over the top’ into certain death, over and over again, like pawns in some cruel game.

So, just at that level, the natural reality, who would want an ‘anzac anointing’ ?

On the spiritual level, Christians should be trained in REAL spiritual warfare, like a team of Australian elders go to the Cindy Jacobs meeting and exercise their authority over such lies, and warn people that there’s no such thing as an ‘anzac anointing’ or any other ‘new’ anointing or ‘new jesus’.

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