The Reason, the Purpose, not The Secret

Popular TV celebrities are promoting “The Secret” ; it seems that the world is looking for answers.

Why search for answers when you’re ignoring the facts?

With the whole created cosmos, the universe, either there is a reason for it, and it exists for a reason and a purpose, or else it is a meaningless event which somehow just mysteriously happened by itself, and there’s no purpose or meaning to it, and therefore people have no purpose or meaning or reason for their existence : they just exist, each man for himself; just eat, sleep, reproduce and die,  and there’s nothing more. Each individual’s selfish pleasure, prosperity and happiness is all that matters.

Like a beast. Like an animal.

The Book of Revelation describes the final world leader as ‘The Beast’.  When God calls a man, made in the image of God, a beast, an animal, its not a very flattering title.  A modern english synonym would be ‘idiot’, but not a simple fool, a very bad fool. He’s like a donkey, but a very vicious donkey.

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