Sarojini improving

I’m rejoicing to tell you that i believe that our Father has spared her life, as there is a marked improvement in her condition since last night. It appears to be a miraculous intervention of the LORD, as the Doctors had said there is nothing more they can do for her to save her life.  She has now been allowed to stay in hospital and the skin is re growing and it appears the infection is retreating. The Doctor has told her to try and exercise, in a limited way, to improve circulation.

Yesterday the stench of her rotting flesh was near unbearable, today, after a new dressing, no smell.

The reason no bones were broken is that her leg went between the double tyres, which shredded her flesh but did not break the bones. They could not get adequate medical care for the first day so it got infected.

Thanks for praying, will keep you updated.

Btw, Sheela is doing well and we may start our return journey on Saturday.

One Response to “Sarojini improving”

  1. mkayla Says:

    I just read the news about your friend and wife. I am so glad to know they are doing well. What a horrible thing to be hit by a bus and then go through such an infection. I am rejoicing with you in her miraculous recovery.

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