or KJV2000.  I’ve just stumbled upon this version, i think it’s very good. It’s the KJV minus the thees and thous.

It’s  free on e-sword.

To get it on your computer first download e-sword :


Then go to this link to download the KJ2000 :


If you already have the latest version of eSword then click this:


3 Responses to “KJ2000”

  1. Lionfish Says:

    I used to be a big KJV, however I now like the NLT.

    It is refreshing to read.

  2. Mark Finger Says:

    Thanks, I needed that …

  3. ianvincent Says:

    I like the way the editor, Bob Couric, has allowed it to be copied for not-for-profit use.

    I wonder what Paul thinks about others copyrighting his letters? I believe he would say it’s a pretty sick thing to do, especially if their motive is to make money from them.

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