Hasan simply following the Koran






8 Responses to “Hasan simply following the Koran”

  1. mkayla Says:

    This is so odd. I was reading a booklet last night on how to minister to Muslims. It shows the similarities in the Quran and the bible about Jesus (Isa) and claims they are one in the same. It also stated that Muslim Christians call God Allah, and that it is okay for them to do so. I so disagree. (new article coming soon!) So when I saw this here – more than coincidence!

  2. mkayla Says:

    Oh, as far as your connection between the two, I would agree absolutely. This is what we will put up with in America because we have allowed and embraced the Muslim religion. We now have a president who gives honor to their faith. I am convinced he too is a follower, and with that in place who knows how bad it can get.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks M’Kayla. A man can’t stand on the beach and stop the tide from coming in, so no man can stop the tide of God’s instruments of judgment on apostate christianity, of which islam is one.

    That Christians would even think of Obama as a Christian indicates how much they are in the dark.

    Just a side note re: Allah, muslims recite : There is no god but Allah…

    They don’t say, There is no Allah but Allah…

    In Arabic, the word for ‘God’ is different to the word ‘Allah’ , therefore proving that ‘Allah’ does not simply mean ‘God’, rather it is a name which was coined, and it seems it was coined by the moon worshippers, of whom Muhammed was one.

    So ex-muslim Christians are wrong to call God ‘Allah’.

  4. mkayla Says:

    oops I see that I called them Muslim Christians when I should have said Arab Christians.

  5. Freedom to Worship Allah « m'kayla's korner Says:

    […] Freedom to Worship Allah November 9, 2009 mkayla Leave a comment Go to comments Anyone interested in the instructions of the Qu’ran in relation to Islamic infidels and it’s commission to it’s followers on how to handle them, read it Hasan Simply Following The Koran -Ian Vincent. […]

  6. ian vincent Says:

    On ‘the religion of peace’. People say that it’s only the extremists who are dangerous, but the average Muslim is peace-loving. This is true, but only when certain conditions are met. If you submit there is ‘peace’, if you leave you are dead. So it’s the ever-present threat of violence, this insidious fear which is the undercurrent which maintains ‘the peace’ on the surface.

    Strange then that those who don’t believe Islam is a religion of peace are branded as Islamophobic, bcos the the real phobia/fear is within Islam itself, it is the most phobic of all religions bcos it is the most violent.

    Spare a thought for the multitudes of real people trapped in Islam, who realize that to leave would be to sign their death-warrant.

    In this stupid PC world the ‘phobic’ word pops up often. We have ‘Homophobic’ for those who find homosexuality disgusting. Then what do we call people who think pedophilia is sick, ‘Pedophobic’?

  7. mkayla Says:

    hehe. you make me laugh – pedophobic.

    I was thinking that earlier too, about the common people of Islam. They really have no choice, do they? I can’t imagine living in a world like that. I am sorry that anyone has to. It’s amazing the violence and fear. Where does that come from? I know it is satan, but does it have something to do with Ishmael – the prophecy that all would be against him or something to that affect, something about a donkey. I am tired. I’ve done a huuuuge amount of writing and the fact that I can even see my keyboard is a miracle. hehe

    Blessings Ian.

  8. ian vincent Says:

    So, why do we have this stubborn inability to come to grips with Islam?

    Everyone attributes it to “political correctness,” but I think it’s time to move beyond that shallow, passé, near-meaningless phrase.

    Do we dare admit what is really at play here? The truth is actually very simple.

    We are afraid of Islam.

    We are intimidated by Islam.

    And because we are afraid of and intimidated by Islam, Islam is changing us – in two distinct and profound ways.

    First, as is appallingly obvious, we’re afraid to criticize Islam openly, for fear of having our head cut off or having a fatwa put out on us like the director of the new “2012” film, or we’re afraid of being sued by some of the very litigious Islamic organizations like CAIR, or we’re afraid of being called a racist, extremist, hater or “Islamophobe” thanks to the tyranny of political correctness, or we’re afraid of offending those in power and thereby risking our position, stature or other advantage. This reaction, while perhaps selfish and cowardly, is more-or-less conscious and strategic.

    However, for some it goes much deeper: Being intimidated by Islam (or by anything, for that matter) actually causes some of us to mysteriously grow sympathetic toward it, to defend it, to side with it, even to convert to it. This unconscious shift in attitude, in response to fear of being hurt, is called the Stockholm syndrome, named after the 1973 Swedish bank robbery during which the four terrorized hostages sided with their criminal captors while disparaging the police risking their lives trying to save them.

    “Political correctness” – which is basically a low-grade Stockholm syndrome playing out on a broad societal stage – is actually a subtle form of brainwashing. Even establishment mouthpiece Newsweek, in its famous Dec. 24, 1990, cover story on the then-new phenomenon of political correctness on college campuses (titled “Thought Police”) conceded this truth when it reported: “PC is, strictly speaking, a totalitarian philosophy.”

    Bottom line: We’re intimidated, bullied, threatened, terrorized – and so we capitulate, not just in word and deed, but in thought. Get it?

    According to the London Telegraph, in an article headlined, “Fort Hood gunman had told U.S. military colleagues that infidels should have their throats cut”:

    Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the gunman who killed 13 at America’s Fort Hood military base, once gave a lecture to other doctors in which he said non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats.

    He also told colleagues at America’s top military hospital that non-Muslims were infidels condemned to hell who should be set on fire.

    Hasan made these incendiary jihadist comments “in front of dozens of other doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington, D.C.” during a talk on the Quran, according to the report.

    And how did his fellow doctors respond?

    Although they were horrified, “One Army doctor who knew him said a fear of appearing discriminatory against a Muslim soldier had stopped fellow officers from filing formal complaints,” reported the Telegraph.

    Are you with me? “A fear of appearing discriminatory” caused 51 brave American soldiers to be shot by an Islamist monster, 13 fatally.

    This inordinate fear, implanted in us by the lords of politically correct attitude, the subtle brainwashers of modern, secular society, is to blame.


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