The One you serve

Let’s be faithful to Jesus, who called us to serve Him. Let’s know whom we serve – only Jesus – no other Lord or Master. Let’s never forget He called us, personally, by name, to serve Him. Even when we were lost and dead in our own sins, He called us to Himself.

Always be mindful you are a servant of Jesus Christ. You can serve no other, not even yourself. We can’t serve things, objects, wealth, our self-image; for Jesus, Himself, called us to serve Him, and in this we should delight ourselves, in Him.

When doubts come, and those doubts want to be entertained, probably the only thing which can dispel those doubts is that you be clear, and not double-minded, about who called you and whom you serve. If it’s Jesus who called you, and you serve Him, what’s there to doubt or worry about?

When we’re tempted to sin, let’s remember Him, whom we serve.

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