Sin is like a puss-ey cancer or leprosy that grows and invades every part of our being, without Christ sin overthrows every part of our being, we become a stench in the nostrils of God, everything we do is from a basis of our own worth, our effort, our gain, our profit. Even the most kindly act outwardly is a self congratulatory effort of showing how good we are to others. Outside of Christ we are rebels fit for no other purpose than to be damned to hell forever without pity nor remorse, we are unmerciful, covetous, rebellious, self serving, mean, reprobate unholy. We revel in our own knowledge , self sufficiency, deviancy and outright denial of a thrice Holy God.

Without the knowledge of sin and its depravity we can never ever appreciate the Grace of God and what it cost Him to extend this Grace to us. If we deny sinners the knowledge of their sin and offer only Grace we deny the justice of God and the mercy of God.

Jesus died on a Cross and suffered the wrath of God on our behalf firstly for the Justice of God to be fulfilled and for the Glory of God, but He also died on that Cross because he loved us.

He had placed on Him the guilt of all mankind to the extent that the Father slammed the door in His face and cut Himself off from the Son in that hour of retribution for mankind. When he became our propitiation it was not just physical pain He felt the wrath of God. This is the cup He prayed and begged it should pass from Him.

If one needs to know what God thinks of any sin look at Christ and see what the Father put Him through and what He volunteered to do for us as a man. Sin is NOT a light thing or something we can continue NOT to preach about, nor can we continue to hide the horrors of hell from the unrepentant sinner.

(By my good mate, Billy O’Donnell )

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