Man of God – Woman of God

The phrase, man of God, is mentioned twice in the NT :  1 Tim. 6:11, 2 Tim. 3:17.  It is mentioned 71 times in the OT.

If God’s measure for a man is that  he should be a man of God; or for a woman, a woman of God, then what happens when they don’t live up to what they are in Christ? Do we say they are less than a man or woman of God? Half a man of God? Not quite a man of God? Half-baked?

Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if, in the instance of a saved person, the brethren couldn’t honestly say confidently that person is a man or woman of God?

Regardless of our specific gifts and callings, we ALL should be able to be identified as men and women of God.

2 Responses to “Man of God – Woman of God”

  1. Mark and Vicki Finger Says:

    Let me know when you get home: I want to call you and speak with you concerning the work of the Holy Spirit in my life (and among those whom I am in fellowship with).

    Peace (and praying for your trip),


  2. ian vincent Says:

    Bro, you can call anytime, we have the phone with us all the time.

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