The spiritual ‘buy off’

In the news: Afghan president Hamid Karzai urges West to buy off the Taliban.

If you can’t beat em, buy them! Everyman has his price, they say.

That’s what satan tried to do with Jesus, but Jesus couldn’t be bought.

But he does find ‘christians’ who can be bought. He buys them off; Makes them an offer they can’t refuse.

2 Responses to “The spiritual ‘buy off’”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    What would happen if the person peddling the word of God for profit was living when Jesus walked the earth, and happened to bump into Jesus of Nazareth? Jesus may say, Follow me! Do as i do! Repent of that!

    It’s unthinkable that our LORD would resort to selling His message for profit.

    Or if such a person bumped into the Apostles? What would they say to him?

    But the person may object, Hey! You don’t understand Paul! I’m in the ministry! I have needs and a family to feed! Would you begrudge me this?

    See how most of the heroes today in the Christian media really don’t know the Jesus of the Bible, bcos they don’t obey Him.

  2. Lionfish Says:

    The Taliban can’t be bought off either.

    If they get paid out, there will be a queue a mile long of terrorists hoping for a hansome pay out.

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