Seek my face

Your face, LORD, will I seek. Psalm 27:8

Doctor to patient:  Hmmm, you’re in pretty bad shape, you haven’t been seeking His face, have you?

7 Responses to “Seek my face”

  1. Rachel Says:

    This verse says so much. One of my favorites.


  2. ian vincent Says:


    Not referring to you, Rachel, but i just wanted to add that even with “seeking His face” there is a counterfeit to the real, these days.

    And in the counterfeit expression it’s usually manifest in making a public show of seeking His face, like “come to church to seek His face”. No. Holy things are private and never for public display or consumption.

  3. ruthsongs Says:

    How would my husband feel if I gushed all over him and praised him up and down in public, but ignored him in the privacy of our home?

  4. ian vincent Says:

    Very true, Ruth.

    The husband and wife relationship is such a good example of what our LORD taught about the privacy of the prayer closet. Just as there are communications between a man and a woman, who are joined in the Holy covenant of marriage, which are only fitting in private, so there are expressions and communications between us and our Father and our LORD which are only fitting in private due to the Holiness of the covenantal relationship, and to put such things on display defiles the Holiness of the relationship.

  5. ian vincent Says:

    Sheela and i were discussing this subject in the car yesterday:

    The ‘husband-wife’ metaphor for Christ and His Church and Bride is NOT, we stress NOT, in ANY way meant to have sexual overtones. Some use the word ‘intimacy’ with God as implying a sexual connotation.

    This is DISGUSTING.

    The Son’s Holy relationship with and to His Father has no such sexual connotation.

    So, when we talk of Holy things being private, we in no way imply some mysterious type of sexual thing.

    The Song of Solomon is not to be taken literally in the first instance as referring to Christ and His Bride, as it is full of sexual imagery.

    And, even within the Marriage covenant, the sexual bond is NOT the primary definition of love, it is very much secondary, and should only follow AFTER, and as a result of, true Covenantal love.

  6. ruthsongs Says:

    I’m almost to the point where the word ‘intimacy’ with God is meaningless. It has been so used and abused, and I am beyond tired of the Jesus is my boyfriend music. A Jesus of our own making. A manageable Jesus. Yuck.

    I guess my original point was that if all our ‘intimacy’ is for show and only happens when others are watching, then it’s fake.

  7. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks Ruth. A point well made. Matt. 6:1-13

    The nature of Jesus Holy love for His Father and His relationship to Him is our example to follow. He often rose up very early and went alone to deserted places to speak with His Father.

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