Part of the wisdom of having a free NT church

is that no one can criticize. If a person doesn’t like the teaching that comes forth they are free to bring the correct teaching, bring the balance. A free NT church means people are free to do that. Of course, they may be able to articulate what they perceive is wrong or lacking with the teaching, but they may not be able to, themselves, make up for what they perceive is lacking and give the correct teaching. If that’s the case, then it’s they who face a dilemma, not the church.

3 Responses to “Part of the wisdom of having a free NT church”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    In real life it works like this:

    Jack: You guys are a cult!

    Ian: OK, Jack, come to the next meeting and we’ll give you 30 mins to articulate from the Bible how we are a cult, and what we should do to no longer be a cult. Is that fair?

    Jack: Uh, uh…….. / then begins to back peddle /

  2. Jim Says:


    I was just navigating some of your posts on my lunch break. There really is much wisdom in what you have shared here.

    Jim (Sean and Lisas friend)

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Welcome Jim! A friend of Sean and Lisa is a friend of ours!

    The truth in this particular post was shown to us thru something which happened in our fellowship recently, and the LORD gave us wisdom to deal with it in a way which brought peace and not strife.

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