Being led by the Spirit

and being taught by the Spirit, is essentially the same thing. Which is why those who live for themselves are not taught by the Holy Spirit, even though they may think they are. The person whose heart and spirit is not yielded to obey the LORD in everything can never hear His voice.

Wisdom is the train tracks on which knowledge runs. It’s the ‘delivery system’ for the knowledge of God. Here, we often mention the need for  ‘practical wisdom’. What use is spiritual knowledge if someone’s life and family remains a mess?

5 Responses to “Being led by the Spirit”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    The root of all that is wrong is character deficiency.

    Christendom thinks that “knowledge” is separate from character; that it’s possible to have knowledge without character.

  2. ruthsongs Says:

    “What use is spiritual knowledge if someone’s life and family remains a mess?”

    Applying this simple litmus test to our lives would solve a lot of the fleshly ministry (IMO). In the usual Sunday morning showtime mentality it becomes all too easy to apply spiritual knowledge to others because it makes us look good, while harboring an unwillingness to apply it to ourselves where God would require something fleshly within us to die.

    I was once told this: You shouldn’t say anything to anybody in a “service” that you wouldn’t be willing to say over a cup of coffee in your kitchen.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Please keep posting edifying words like this, Ruth, as you receive them.

    You’re getting to the heart of what matters.

  4. Mark and Vicki Finger Says:

    “The root of all that is wrong is character deficiency.”


  5. ian vincent Says:

    And this is one of the hallmarks of this last generation of christendom: that knowledge is separated from character.

    For example, in evangelicalism you can have men who are esteemed and espoused as being the fonts of knowledge and doctrine for this age, and yet make big bucks prostituting their work for gain. Very few realize that this indicates that they, as yet, know NOTHING about God. They are MORAL idiots. They are banking on people’s ignorance and naivety.

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