It’s interesting that the spirit which controls the world

is the spirit of anti Christ, and it is not anti anyone else.

It’s not the anti Mohammad spirit, or anti Buddha spirit, or the anti Pope spirit, or anti Hindu spirit, or anti any guru; it’s SOLE objection is to Jesus Christ, alone.  Glory to Jesus!

One Response to “It’s interesting that the spirit which controls the world”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    This means that the very basis of world unity is to be united against Christ. This hatred of Jesus Christ is the POWER and SOURCE of world unity. It’s the unifying force. It’s the reason for it’s very existence. It’s one thing all religions can agree on, that to follow Jesus Christ and proclaim the message of His cross is dangerous and a threat, bcos it hinders the world becoming ‘one’, it’s in the way of world peace. Truly, the stumbling block and rock of offense.

    The cross condemns the world and allows no mixture with it.

    The ‘mystery babylon’ component of this spirit means that many ‘christians’ are against Christ, and are of the spirit of anti Christ.

    Anytime you see the Jesus of the Bible displaced and usurped by a counterfeit jesus or by man’s glory, then that’s the spirit of anti christ at work : when Jesus and His cross is not central.

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