The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia

The governor of the Reserve Bank surprised interest rate watchers again by speaking about his Christianity and how it drives his role as a central banker.

Glenn Stevens used a charity breakfast in Sydney this morning to say he was using his god-given talents to do the job of managing the economy.

I think if you are a Christian, God has given you certain capabilities to do a job, to earn a living and the bible teaches that you should do that as if you were doing it for him, because you are and that is my attitude.”

In an audience of business and community leaders, including the former prime minister John Howard and the ABC’s managing director Mark Scott, Mr Stevens also responded to a direct question about his belief in God.

“I would say that, despite claims to the contrary, there is a God. This is worth checking out and the critical issue people have to deal with is, was Jesus Christ who he claimed to be? If he wasn’t then you can forget about it, and if he wasn’t then I am living in a fool’s world,” Mr Stevens said.

One Response to “The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    We rejoice to see a man in such a high level job so unashamedly and confidently declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. Especially in a nonreligious country like Australia, where to make a public stand for your faith attracts a circus of ridicule.

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