Prophetic dream of Gulf in 2005

given to our friend Lisa Scott:

I was standing on the beach facing the Gulf of Mexico. I knew I was in Texas, on the other side where Houston is at. Then I was taken under water and shown that a great disaster will happen in the Gulf Sea. I saw that the destruction will start at the bottom of the sea and bring great disaster to the land. When I saw that disaster was going to come upon this area I quickly ran fast and hard with much fear. Then I felt the Holy Spirit stop me and tell me not to fear and that He would lead me to safety. I felt God’s presence and stopped running, trusting the Lord.

He will show you things to come. John 16:13b

3 Responses to “Prophetic dream of Gulf in 2005”

  1. cheryl Says:

    I’m not surprised by this.
    Can I tell you about a dream I had 6 or 7 months ago? It was a prophetic dream. It has been weighing on my heart daily.

    In my dream, I was in a neighborhood near a beach. I was in my home, praying, and all of a sudden I heard people shouting. I went outside and people were gathered all over. The highway was congested, but the drivers were outside of their cars. Everyone was looking at the sky. I looked up at the sky myself, to see what they were seeing. There was a great, rolling black cloud that looked wondrous and mesmerizing. People were shouting “This is a sign from God!” and they started worshiping the cloud. I almost started worshiping the cloud myself, but I received a message from God.
    God told me that He was NOT in the cloud. He told me that I would receive a gift from Him that would be a true sign, but not many would receive it.
    I won’t tell anyone what the gift was, but further into my dream I came upon a hotel or apartment complex which had a swimming pool. There were a lot of people swimming in the pool. There were people of all races. Some of the people were doing horrible things, right in front of children. The Lord told me to tell them that they were sinning in His eyes. And He told me to tell them to “Heed His words”
    I told the people who were swimming in the pool that they were sinning against God. I pointed out their sin, but they didn’t care. Except for the black people. Most of them said “amen!” but then returned to their sin. Except one little girl. She looked sadly into my eyes and at the same time we said to each other “Heed His words”.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks sister. The “sign from God” part seems to speak of the strong delusion God will soon send on the entire world causing them to believe a lie.

  3. cheryl Says:

    I am not mystical, and I don’t believe that every little thing that happens is a “sign”. But this dream was so vivid, and I have remembered every detail for months…

    Your interpretation of “this is a sign from God” is the same as mine. And I’m sad to say that many people who call themselves Christians will fall for the lie.

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