He has overcome, He has overcome…

How could the righteous live even one day in the midst of this wicked world, surrounded by enemies, if Jesus hadn’t overcome the world and if He didn’t rule over all things?

Each day we live, as lights in this dark world, is a testimony that Jesus rules over and has overcome the world.

One Response to “He has overcome, He has overcome…”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    You want to see a great sign and a wonder? Then look at a true disciple of Jesus. They are a walking wonder.

    How come they don’t obey the devil? (must be frustrating for him to find some people who won’t listen to him and don’t do what he says)

    How come all the demonic rulers, powers and principalities of this world can’t get them to sin? How come they can’t destroy them?

    What a wonder.

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