Heaven and Hell are not spiritual places

they are physical places.

Our family has been reading thru Revelation every evening and it’s been such a joy. One thing i noted: Why does God mention that there is Sulphur in the Lake of Fire? And why so much detail about the New Jerusalem, like listing all the different types of precious stone that make up the wall? It’s so that we would understand that there is no such thing as a ‘spiritual Jasper stone’, or ‘spiritual Sulphur’ : for this is physical matter. Sulphur is Sulphur. Therefore, the Lake of Fire has real Sulphur burning in it, like we see in volcanic activity, with its overpowering stench. It IS a physical place.

So a ‘spiritual hell’ and a ‘spiritual heaven’ is a myth.

5 Responses to “Heaven and Hell are not spiritual places”

  1. glennchristopherson Says:

    Good thoughts Ian. One of my pet issues these days is the fact that the early church talked all the time about the bodily ressurrection of believers and a new heaven and a new earth. All very physical concepts. And we in the modern era often seem to spiritualize these ideas. As for me, I’m glad my future is on a restored earth rather than floating on a cloud for eternity.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Yes brother.

    Once i had a Christian tell me that “heaven is just a spiritual state”.

    I asked him, Did Jesus physically rise from the dead and physically ascend into heaven, and is He a physical Man today at the right hand of the Father? Then how can a physical flesh and bone Man sit in a merely ‘spiritual’ place?

    He then wanted to change the subject. It was too frightening a thought i had presented to him.


    Above us today, they’re singing.

    Below us today, they’re screaming and weeping.

    We stand between these two real worlds as ambassadors for Christ, urging all to be reconciled to God.

  3. Natasa Says:


  4. Mark and Vicki Finger Says:

    Ever notice what Jesus said about those cast into hell?

    They have bodies:

    “And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that THY WHOLE BODY should be cast into hell.

  5. ian vincent Says:

    Good point brother. We should let people know about this, eh.

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