Many people mistakenly believe that Christianity is a religion

It’s not.

It’s a Father and His dearly loved children

It’s a Shepherd feeding and protecting His sheep.

It’s the Host to a feast and His wonderful welcome to undeserving guests

It’s a Warrior King and His holy army. An army of divinely empowered love.

It’s a Righteous Redeemer and sinners redeemed.

It’s a devoted Husband and His treasured bride.

It’s a Caller and the called, The Chooser and the chosen.

It’s the Sanctifier and His saints.

It’s a pilgrimage to a sacred Destination.

It’s a King and His holy nation.

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5 Responses to “Many people mistakenly believe that Christianity is a religion”

  1. fleebabylon Says:

    In a similar thought I was thinking about how many true believers I know that are outside of the IC and they have no purpose but to point people to the person of Jesus Christ as clearly shown in scripture and confirmed by the Holy Spirit. They are not pointing people to a pastor or denomination, but only the chief sheppard Himself. When you look at cults like the JW and SDA who are outside of mainstream IC they have a different agenda. They point people to their religous system as the solution rather then to the chief sheppard (which often involves tithing to their cause… hmmmm). I had this talk with a JW a while back, how he was trying to get me to join his religous system and I only was only trying to point him to the true Christ and true Gospel, no other agenda.

    I think that goes along with being a free man too, free from pointing people to “Church X” or “pastor Y” but to the head of the body instead that we might be joined in true unity. Just some thoughts, hope they half way makes sense.

    In Christ – Jim

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Amen, Jim. It’s the work of the true Holy Spirit to point people only to Jesus. And all that we do should be the work of the Holy Spirit.

    And the Holy Spirit works to bring us together in Jesus name, in true unity. No other name than His.

  3. glennchristopherson Says:

    Thanks Ian for linking to my post. I am chuffed(a theological term:).

    Well said Jim. I like the name of your blog. I’ve been praying, thinking and reading about the whole Babylonian thing a lot lately.

    It’s so encouraging to read the thoughts of those who”get it”

  4. ian vincent Says:

    Ya know Glenn, when i left “the system” in 1990 i was “ready to believe the best” concerning all who take the name of Jesus. Not very suspicious of people. I was not expecting “the system” to be as bad as i thought it possibly could be.

    What’s happened, in daily encounters with “the system” since then, it’s turned out that it is much worse than i, as an innocent young believer, could ever have imagined.

    I do rejoice, like Paul, that something of the gospel is being preached in every nation, as Jesus said it would, even though we can’t rejoice in the sin and corruption of the system (so, we are both joyful and sad at the same time).

    How do we define “the system”? One trait it has is that it shuts out dealing with reality, with the real issues and sins Jesus wants to address. It’s more of a role-playing game than an encounter with reality. I could umpteen examples of this.

  5. glennchristopherson Says:

    Ian, I give a heartbroken Amen to your comment.

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