The perpetual nursery

What do we make of a church where the prevailing emphasis is on assuring people that all is well with them and God, that they don’t need to have a guilty conscience anymore, and that there’s no chance they could ever be judged for their sins now that they are believers?

I know that assurance of salvation, by the Holy Spirit and by the Promises of God, sealed by Jesus blood, death and resurrection, is the bedrock of the church. But if people need to be continuously affirmed, and that’s all they are interested in hearing, it could indicate that they don’t yet have assurance of salvation. They are being propped up by the continual assurances of a man. It’s like they are still seeking assurance, like a drug. They still serve themselves, yet they have a wide Christian vocabulary. The person who spends their life occupied with seeking their own salvation, or their own spiritual comfort, peace and well-being, is not yet a true disciple of the LORD Jesus Christ.

One Response to “The perpetual nursery”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    It’s like the parallel of a grown man, who is neurotic and paranoid, and needs someone to hold his hand to cross the road. It seems there are a number of Christians like that, who seem to be neurotic and paranoid and they get linked with teachers who continuously feed them the message that all is well. If they don’t get a continual drip-feed that all is well, then they might slip back into their fears.

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