God has always kept His servants waiting. This is the prerogitive of a king, so how much MORE for the King of Kings? An earthly king may keep his subjects waiting for reasons of vanity. But God keeps us waiting for us to discover His glory. He knows that if we don’t wait, we will never have a correct view of Him, and we will never be properly changed into His likeness. The person who doesn’t wait on the LORD never has a correct view of God. Their view may lean more toward an idol than that of the reality of the Living God. They have not understood His glory. Which is a fertile ground for idolatry.

But He DOES keep us waiting (and we should rejoice that He does). He almost never does things when WE think He should, according to our timetable. Which is just one reason out of many why we should get back to the NT pattern, and throw off the modern performance-oriented model.

With Israel, and with every servant of God since Adam, the command has been to wait. The waiting is just as important as the going.

One Response to “Wait”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    And there’s a paradox about waiting, eh, that the more we are engaged in preaching, teaching and serving, the more we need to wait on the LORD.

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