Why do you do it?

Why do you bother to seek God? Why do you even go against your natural bodily and physical senses and talk to a Person you cannot see? And deny your body and mind many of it’s demands on you, for this invisible Person? Why? Why do you read the Bible? Why do you pray for others? Why should you care?

7 Responses to “Why do you do it?”

  1. Mark and Vicki Finger Says:

    Because I know that nothing of myself is good, Ian: the good in me is Christ.

    I didn’t deserve forgiveness.

    I will never deserve it of my own merits.

    I am saved because I confessed the truth–and continue to TRY to live out those truths He shows me–and due to His great mercies, He accepts me, in spite of my occasions of sin.

    He’s God. I am nothing.

    That’s why I serve Him the best I can ….

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks brother. I appreciate that.

    I might post some of what i think on this after a while.

    Just a thought, in Job chapter 1, the devil comes to God and asks the same question re: Job : Why does Job do it? Why does Job serve God?

  3. ian vincent Says:

    How many of us approach God bcos we want to feel better about ourselves? Is our seeking of God rooted in us wanting Him to meet a deep personal need?

    And then, if we no longer want Him to make us feel better, of what further “use” is He?

    Does He bring us to the end of ourselves, thru many experiences of life with Him, so that it will be all about Him?

  4. Mark and Vicki Finger Says:

    The true servant doesn’t care if he is delivered (once it is revealed to him that his suffering is according to the will of God): he is completely surrendered.

    I remember a season in which God offered me hope, and I rejected it.

    I didn’t need hope. I was content with God: He bore all my sufferings; and in them, I found a special communion and comfort from God.

    But He showed me that He wanted me to lay hold of hope, so I accepted it: and my restoration followed (over time).

  5. ian vincent Says:

    Truly, if we are sons and daughters of God, but we seek what He gives more than Him, then He will remove those things we seek, for our own instruction.

    Job 13:15a Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him…

  6. ian vincent Says:

    Why do i seek God, and believe and obey God? For His glory. It is His due, as all glory is due Him. The Lamb is worthy to receive all the glory. Those redeemed and purchased by His blood must give Him the glory due His name. Bcos He first loved us we must love Him.

    In this manner we must follow in Jesus steps. Why did He obey His Father? It was purely out of love for Him and His giving glory to Him.

    In Jesus we see pure motives : giving glory and not using God. We should be conformed to Him.

  7. John Says:

    Many of our prayers can be motivated by the carnal, old man. Even our initial approach, if we come to know of the Lord in an evangelical framework, is framed in carnal ideas; we either seek to avoid hell or to gain heaven, both appealing to the spiritual flesh of man. Once the Lord moves us beyond, however, we might see that the Father dragged us into relationship to him, even the faith to believe was a gift of His grace, and that to whatever extent right prayer is a fruit that remains, it was God Himself that gave us both to will and to do His own good pleasure. We might then identify with Job who finally realized that his righteousness was not his own, but was a fruit of God given him by grace. After the cross, we might identify with Paul’s explanation, “Christ in you, the hope of glory!”

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