Earthquake Info

1980 to 2000: 255 earthquakes 7.0 or higher (USGS /NEIC)
(One every 28 days)

2000 to 2008: 127 earthquakes 7.0 or higher (USGS / NEIC)
(One every 26 days)

2009: 17 earthquakes 7.0 or higher (USGS / NEIC)
(One every 21 days)

2010: 20 earthquakes 7.0 or higher (USGS / NEIC)
(One every 18 days)

2011: 6 earthquakes 7.0 or higher in 3 months (USGS / NEIC)
(One every 15 days)

2 Responses to “Earthquake Info”

  1. mkayla Says:

    Wow. That is very interesting, but not surprising. I’ve often wondered if the frequency of these large quakes was increasing or if the reporting was more accessible and that was why we seemed to hear more of them. Now we know.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    It’s right on schedule, eh, according to the word of the LORD.

    I know what you mean about the reporting of quakes, that’s why i only included the data from 1980 onwards, cos since then global seismic activity has been accurately recorded.

    Over the last few decades, it’s not been a matter of reporting, cos all the activity has been recorded by sensors, whether it is reported or not.

    The site has details back 2000 years, but for that period they are only guessing.

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