David Wilkerson killed in car crash



Wilkerson was driving east on U.S. 175 in Texas, and moved into the opposite lane where a tractor trailer was driving westbound. The truck driver saw the car and tried to move out of the way, but still collided with the car head on, according to Public Safety Trooper Eric Long.

It’s unclear what caused Wilkerson to veer into the other lane. His wife Gwen was also involved in the crash and rushed to the hospital, along with the truck driver.

19 Responses to “David Wilkerson killed in car crash”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    David’s final post on his blog:


  2. Jamie Says:

    I read that this morning, Ian… it sure fits the occasion of his own death as far as encouragement for those he left behind. I am just so sad about such a loss, he was like family. I will be glad when we are in the Kingdom and no longer have to face death.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks Jamie.

  4. sharon leaf Says:

    I read Cross and the Switchblade in the early 70’s. His testimony changed my life. David will be missed. Lord, minister to his beloved family left behind.

  5. ian vincent Says:

    I’m still in shock. The full impact of this hasn’t dawned on me yet, but it will.

  6. ian vincent Says:

    This article has more details:


    (Thanks to Sean)

    It says Gwen only had minor injuries.

  7. Sean Says:

    I’m not sure how accurate it is about his wife. Lots of other reports say she’s in critical condition. I looked at the car and on the driver side it looks like the windshield is was really messed up so she might be in critical condition.

  8. ian vincent Says:

    OK, thanks.

    There will be much discussion on the net in coming days as to the meaning of David’s death and why it happened.

    One thing is sure, that such a tragic accident is not the perfect will of God for any man or woman of God, to finish their race down here on earth.

    A brother wrote me:

    “I pray the Lord uses his passing to help encourage the saints to live sober and zealous lives.”


    And i thought, this should bring THE FEAR OF GOD on Christians (just as David always preached).

  9. mkayla Says:

    It was quite a shock but these things usually are. My daughter died on the same day 9 years ago, the same way.

    The photo of the car on the link is chilling.

    I know many people relied on David for the truth, many of them were and still are coming out of false doctrine and abusive churches. I hope and pray they have learned the Lord will sustain them. Pray for the lost.

    Blessings all

  10. ian vincent Says:

    On M’Kayla’s blog someone mentioned “questionable prophecies” of David Wilkerson.

    As far as i’m aware there are three separate prophecies he made where the event didn’t happen in the time frame he said it would. (google it if you like)

    And, one of these (stockmarket crash for 2000) he later admitted he was listening to his fears and not to God, and apologized.

    Much he has prophesied has already been fulfilled.

    But i think everything he has prophesied WILL happen in God’s time.

    And, i think this fact over-shadows the fact that he missed it three times with the date-setting, and it speaks to us that date-setting may be adding-to what God has revealed.

    I can’t think of anything he said, concerning coming judgments, that won’t happen in time.

  11. Sean Says:

    Just read the Times Square Church site and they are saying that Davids wife should make a full recovery.

  12. fleebabylon Says:

    “And, i think this fact over-shadows the fact that he missed it three times with the date-setting, and it speaks to us, that setting-dates may be adding to what God has revealed.”

    For sure brother. One of them, he says the Lord showed me such and such then immediately goes on to say “what this must mean is that…” with no distinction being made between what the Lord showed him and what he thought it meant. Listening to it, it is quite obvious, but many will use this for their own agenda. When the Lord shows people things prophetically they often think it is going to happen sooner then what it does, we must be clear when speaking these things or we risk many accusations as brother David does. Only say what the Lord showed you, and if you want to add what you think it means but have no revelation then make sure you state it is as such.

  13. fleebabylon Says:

    “I hope and pray they have learned the Lord will sustain them.”

    Part of the way the Lord sustains us is through teaching, prophesy, and edification from other saints!

  14. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks Sean and Jim.

    I agree with you Jim (Fleebabylon).

    This what i wrote to a brother, just now:

    It’s really sad for a man of God to leave this life this way

    Shocking way to go, mate.

    I’m confident David is absent from the body and present with the LORD.

    And, just as he was teaching on that audio you sent me, his death, in this manner, should bring about a holy fear of God in all God’s people.

    It was not God’s perfect will, it is a judgment.

    BUT i’m not even going to try and figure out WHY it was a judgment. Maybe the LORD will reveal it in His time.

    Interesting that in that audio message, he mentioned about Moses; how for just one act where he misrepresented the nature and attributes of God before the people, he was judged, but still saved, obviously.

    Luke 12:48b …For unto whomever much is given, of him shall much be required…

  15. mkayla Says:

    I intended the sustain comment in looking at the big picture, all that is going on here in America, what I see and hear on my blog and others, in the church, etc. It was meant in a positive way and I realize I could have expressed it better than what I did.

  16. jim Says:

    I agree with you sister and just wanted to add that for balance. Sorry if my comment came across wrong too. I didn’t know that about your daughter btw. May God bless you in Christ Jesus.

  17. ian vincent Says:

    Mkayla wrote:

    I know many people relied on David for the truth, many of them were and still are coming out of false doctrine and abusive churches. I hope and pray they have learned the Lord will sustain them. Pray for the lost.

    Hi Mkayla!

    God used David to bring a word in season to literally millions. We acknowledge that. So many times when i read his printed sermons, which i received by post, it was EXACTLY what the LORD had taught me in the month prior.

    But IF it ever got to the place that believers RELIED on David for the truth, then, if so, it would not be surprising if the LORD removed him.

    Bcos that is dead wrong to rely on anyone other than Jesus, the indwelling Spirit of Truth and the Scriptures, for the truth.

  18. ian vincent Says:

    He was reportedly not wearing his seat belt, and was pronounced dead on the scene. His wife was wearing a seat belt, and was injured.



    The day before David died i went to his Wikipedia article and there was a section on his “failed prophecies”. Immediately after his death, this section was deleted. I also prayed for him the day before he died, but not knowing this was going to happen.

  19. ian vincent Says:

    Gwen Wilkerson ‘Leaning on the Lord’ in Recovery

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Gwen Wilkerson is said to be walking on her own and recovering well at an assisted living facility, nearly six months after the April 27 car crash that killed her husband Rev. David Wilkerson.

    Speaking recently at the EXPECT Church Leadership Conference in Colorado, Gwen’s son Gary said there are many times he and the church family can’t get a hold of his mother because she’s often “in another room praying for someone.”

    “There’s just a hard season she passed through,” he said. “The Song of Solomon really describes her life. ‘Who is this coming up out of the desert leaning on Her beloved?’ …She leans on Jesus.”

    Mrs. Wilkerson was the only survivor of the head-on collision in Texas with a tractor trailer.

    “[My father’s] side of the car was completely demolished,” Gary told the audience. “It was almost like the truck that hit the car just split it in half. The Lord just said, ‘Ok you come home, you stay.'”

    He added that among Gwen’s injuries was a broken pelvic bone, forcing her to use a wheelchair for some time. She then graduated to a walker, then a cane, and is now is walking without assistance.

    Gary recalled the time during his childhood when his mother was battling cancer. He described how his father called the family in and told them their mother was dying.

    “The doctors said she only has a few months to live. That was like 40 years ago,” Gary said. “She’s outliving us all. It’s incredible.”

    The Wilkerson family has kept a page on the World Challenge website in memory of Rev. Wilkerson and for updates on Gwen’s progress.


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