Jesus will take you as seriously

as you take Him and His words and commands.

Too much of Christianity is a one-way street, when in reality it’s a two-way street.

And it’s the same dynamic which governs our fellowship with each other in the Church. Our fellowship together is only as deep and as meaningful as our fellowship with the LORD Jesus is meaningful and real. If we take Jesus seriously we take fellowship seriously – we no longer separate the two, for He is in the midst of His people.

This came to me this morning as i expressed a desire to the LORD that i would understand His will and purposes better. I felt He spoke in my spirit that i’m getting an understanding of Him and His will that is commensurate with how seriously i take Him. Then it occured to me, as it often has, that this is His principle of honor. It is not becoming for a King to honor a man more than that man is willing to honor the King.

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