Spiritual authority in the Kingdom of Christ

is SOLELY for the purpose and end that people will come under the authority of Christ Jesus.

THAT was the sole purpose we see for any form of spiritual authority in the NT Churches. Any time we see spiritual authority in the NT record, it was solely to help people submit themselves to Jesus and His authority. It was never an end in itself, that is, a self-serving thing, or a self-perpetuating myth : an authority for the sake of authority – to justify it’s own existence – an authority that feeds off itself.

It was, and is, an authority (grace) to help people personally come under Christ’s rule and authority, thru preaching and teaching His Gospel.

It follows, then, that we only know spiritual authority by this TRAIT : that such a person ACTUALLY IS helping people submit themselves to Jesus and His words.

And this is not just an understanding of authority, but also to understand the nature, authenticity and validity of spiritual gifts in the Body of Christ : A true spiritual gift always helps the saints submit their lives to Jesus by faith, helping them to be conformed to Christ and know Him more. If it does not do this then it is not a spiritual gift.

If we understand this basic NT precept, then we understand that such true spiritual authority has virtually become extinct in Christianity, and has been replaced by a counterfeit.

2 Responses to “Spiritual authority in the Kingdom of Christ”

  1. Billy Says:

    Amen. The Lord has never given over His Authority to any man. He remains the Head of His church at all times, and as such all authority comes from Him for His purpose not to promote mans status or purpose.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Wrote this in reply to a sister today:

    On the question, what does “rule” mean:

    The essential thing concerning this is that the “rule” of the elders
    was equally shared among the group of elders who governed a church. It
    was a joint “rule”. It wasn’t the “rule” of one man. In every text we
    find, submit to THEM, not to HIM. There is nowhere in the NT where one
    man “rules” over a church.

    We can easily see what “rule” did NOT mean.

    It did not mean that certain people control the church service.

    When we look at 1 Cor 14, and we see so many gifts are to be in
    operation during the church meeting – prophesying etc.. There is no
    thought that there is one man ruling the meeting or controlling it.

    However, the elders (plural) are ruling in the midst.

    That is, God holds them responsible to make sure that everything is
    done in Godly order, and to provide judgment whenever needed on any

    As they are the most experienced, the elders also shoulder the most
    responsibility to teach.

    To look at the verse i just quoted previously:

    1Ti 3:5 (For if a man knows not how to rule his own house, how shall
    he take care of the church of God?)

    This tells us something of the nature of the rule of elders. A man
    would not set up a pulpit in his living room and “rule” the family by
    giving orders and setting the program – stand up, sit down, do this,
    do that etc… That is not the “rule” Paul had in mind. Rather, a
    Godly father “rules” his family by being an example, first, and then
    teaching the kids to live as he has lived, helping them and correcting
    them as is needed – on a needs basis, not with a set, mechanical

    Same with elders in the church. They are there for the younger
    believers in the same way. Not to tell them what to do all the time,
    but to nurture them, pray for them, and if needed, correct them :
    steer them the right way.

    So, the parents in a family are “ruling” in the midst of LIFE, they
    are not controlling everything the kids do. But they certainly wont
    allow the kids to do anything they don’t approve of.

    Therefore, this matter of “rule” is barely understood or adhered to in
    a Biblical way today. Today it’s understood more as “control” – a man
    who controls what happens in church. People come to church and look to
    the leader to tell them what to do, or to the worship leader, etc.

    That is as silly as a father trying to control everything that goes on
    inside his house – every conversation, every the kids do he has to
    control it. It would be so fake.

    Its no different if men try to misuse authority like that in the church.

    This is just a brief look at the subject.

    Best thing on this is to look at and define what is “spiritual
    authority” and what is for and what are its limits.

    here’s some articles i wrote:






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