Searching out His greatness

Created things are placed before us as clues or pointers to instruct us as to what we should be searching for.

Every created object we see is a clue, a witness, a signpost, a piece of evidence with the fingerprints of its Creator on it, pointing to Someone, to a Person. Thru these pointers this Person is calling, Seek my face! Know me! Consider how great I AM!

That’s why these objects have been placed there before our eyes.

Most don’t get the clues. They don’t take the hint. They don’t know who’s greatness it is they should be searching out and proclaiming, and go about searching out their own greatness, or the greatness of some other man, who is just like them, which is an exercise in futility.

God wants us to search out His greatness. It is right that we should be occupied with this, and encourage others also to do it.

The Cross is the greatest witness and the last word He has given us of His greatness and of who He is.

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