Please get out of my tent!

Scott Rodriguez of Calvary Chapel Rebukes Dayna Muldoon

Wow, what a turn around! First she says that he is a man of God and highly favored of God, and then changes her mind pretty quickly; but she’s stuck here, she can’t back-peddle and take all the prophesying back, as that would be to admit she was wrong. But she was right at the beginning, he is a man of God. She should have believed her own prophesying and listened to him.

Then she goes into a rage calling Scott demonized for saying:

…God’s message is not miracles but that the shed blood of Jesus Christ would cleanse humble sinners and when miracles are emphasized then Jesus is denied.

Scott wasn’t denying that God can do miracles, he was saying that an over emphasis on miracles has actually blurred, obscured and replaced the real message of the gospel, of the cleansing power of Jesus blood for sinners.

For an explanation see here

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