Spiritual counterfeits are always designed to devalue the real

In modern Christianity we’ve witnessed a massive devaluation of the holy things pertaining to the Gospel, the Church and the Kingdom of God.

When counterfeits are attributed with value, then the real is devalued. But when counterfeits are judged as worthless, by the Word of God, then the real can be valued and appreciated more highly.

This generation has witnessed the spiritual institution of the Church suffer massive devaluation due to the abundance of counterfeiting. And the true power of Christ Jesus to save, heal and deliver has been devalued by counterfeit manifestations. The true Holy Spirit has been devalued by counterfeit manifestations – True prophecy devalued by false prophecy – True leadership devalued by false leadership.

Yet, the Bride of Christ would never want to fall for any such deception. They should NEVER devalue what is BIBLE just bcos counterfeits abound. They would never interpret the BIBLE based on the present state of Christianity – they won’t let counterfeits define the way they understand the BIBLE, that would be foolish.

The present state and condition of Christianity should have ZERO influence upon how you understand the BIBLE. It would be a fatal mistake to interpret the BIBLE thru the filter of contemporary Christianity – that is, what it has evolved into. That shouldn’t define anything.

God foreordained that the counterfeits would be very successful in these end times as a test to test the hearts of those who profess to follow Jesus. Counterfeits ALWAYS appeal to our flesh: to the sinful flesh, covetousness and pride of man.

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