The desires of God

Last post i talked about desire for God. Let’s talk about the desires which God has.

To reduce it down, we should find out what are His desires. If our desires do not represent His desires, then we can simply ask Him to make the adjustment within our hearts. And surely He will do this if we sincerely ask.

What does God desire, and in what measure does He desire it?

If we just had a portion of His desire birthed in our desires it would be too much for us to handle.

OK, let’s personalize this: What does God desire concerning YOU? What desire should you have in order to fulfill His desire?

Cos it boils down to that. Our desire may be waning, but are we desiring His desire? That’s all that matters. And He may have to allow our desire to die to form His desire more fully in us.

You can connect the dots by the Word of Truth, which is written in your heart, as to the specifics.

His desires for us are very simple, but at the same time very profound. That we would learn to love Him, and trust Him, and obey Him, and desire to know Him more and more, and glorify the name of Jesus Christ the LORD. That we would willingly offer all that we are to Him, to be His vessels of righteousness and His faithful servants in the earth, joyfully suffering the loss of all things – joyfully forfeiting the desires of this present age, to be a partaker in His desires, and a fellow-worker with God thru Jesus Christ.

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