Consumer-Driven Church

What church has evolved into is simply the outward expression of what is in peoples hearts. The nature of their church is according to their aspirations – for better or for worse.

It became this way when people looked to find affirmation for their life in the church. They looked to church as a mirror of themselves – something to affirm them and tell them they’re OK.

e.g. The man who loves money will naturally be drawn to a church which will affirm that trait, or that desire in him, and so forth – that to love money is OK. He will be naturally attracted to money preachers, and repulsed by those who preach the truth.

He wouldn’t even know a Godly man if he walked into one on the street.

Neither would he know a Godly church if he accidentally came across one.

If he is not Godly, then he wouldn’t want a Godly church. Such would seem a threat to him, to his dreams of wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, we see a consumer-driven factor in the way that “churches” come into being and are maintained.

Church becomes what people want it to be, what reflects and affirms their own choices and values in life, and not necessarily what God wants it to be.

Church becomes the PRODUCT of consumer-driven market forces, rather than THE representation on the earth of WHO Jesus Christ is.

Therefore, false leaders are, in one respect, simply finding a need and supplying it – finding a gap in the market and filling it. They are simply meeting the demands of consumers (who pay for it) and laughing all the way to the bank.

3 Responses to “Consumer-Driven Church”

  1. Jesus Wins Says:

    Very true. Nice twist on the word ‘Purpose Driven’!

  2. James Anderson Says:

    Too true. Most churches are simply businesses. The last church I went to was actually given an award as business of the year. I kept the link. Here it is: “Crown of Life” business of the year

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Thanks brother.

    Secular business is fine, but God calls religious business spiritual
    prostitution (Rev 17).

    The things which are HOLY unto the LORD, His words, His gifts, His Spirit, His people, can never be sold for profit.

    It’s the same thing as selling your body, it’s prostitution.

    Holy things are not for sale.

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