The very moment you die

The very moment you die, the very moment your heart stops beating, and you breathe your last breath.. THAT powerful reality and realization of meeting your Maker, THAT should be the glorious reality we LIVE by, the kind of faith we LIVE by… that we are always before Him…. we’re always coming to meet our Maker and living before Him….and HE is our joy, and glory and the lifter of our head.

But so many professing Christians are living in such a way that it would be terrifying for them to die and stand before God. They are living as if they are hoping that the Bible is not true.

Increasingly, I’m encountering “christians” who will lie point blank to my face. What if they die that moment they are lying? Won’t be fun. Terrifying.

THAT reality and realization of facing your Maker, THAT should be the glorious reality we LIVE by.

One Response to “The very moment you die”

  1. Jesus Wins Says:

    Very true. Many have forgotten this undeniable fact that heaven is our home but the earth is a marketplace. You got it!

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