The Holy Spirit does not replace faith

The Holy Spirit works according to our faith. If we walk by faith, then we walk by the Spirit, in that order. It’s not, Walk by the Holy Spirit, and then you will have faith. If that’s the case, you will crash in a heap, while you’re waiting for the Holy Spirit to give you faith. He will say to you, Believe!

Here’s an example of a Christian who thinks the Holy Spirit replaces faith: Did you pray today? No, the Holy Spirit didn’t lead me to! He didn’t tell me to pray today..… That person is trying to substitute their faith with the Holy Spirit, and that can never be, for that would be unbelief. The Holy Spirit will not work with an unbelieving person. He works according to our faith, He doesn’t replace our faith.

Such an unbelieving person will find that the “Holy Spirit” is no longer leading them to do anything, so they won’t do anything.

Yes, we are to be led by the Spirit, yet the Spirit inspires and reminds us to walk by faith, for only by faith can we please God (Hebrews 11:6).

Walking by faith means that what you believe shapes everything about your life, and who you are, more than what you feel.

Lord, I just don’t feel led!
He will say, Yes, but what do you believe?

If you will trust God today IN your situation then the Holy Spirit will meet you in a glorious way.

One Response to “The Holy Spirit does not replace faith”

  1. Jesus Wins Says:

    Yep. Nice points.You’ve nailed what the DAMAGENT church is trying to do- placing the cart before the horse!

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