Unified by the Pastor’s vision?

The unity being taught in many circles of Christendom is simply business organizational principles designed to keep people quiet and submissive and supportive of the Pastor’s vision. Jesus has a greater vision and the heaven birthed children of the Most High are compelled by the Spirit of God to follow that vision.

Lack of unity is not the problem; lack of separation is.

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One Response to “Unified by the Pastor’s vision?”

  1. among the forgotten Says:

    Sadly, we have in many cases justified “not being left out” as being more important than the truth. It’s amazing in light of the many verses that talk about “dying to self” that any so-called leader/Christian could be so self-centered by commanding/demanding others to follow/obey them and their visions. What “pastor” makes himself the center of attention? Not God’s that’s for sure.
    I understand it’s difficult being on the outside although I truly believe and have experienced Jesus in this manner as have most of you. Everybody loves that feeling of being liked, accepted and welcomed as part of the whole. The desire itself not being wrong, but the company we keep as a result of the desire most often is. Jesus has and continues to bring us back to himself and his original intentions (not really his vision) and suffering with Him is part of that intent as it is shown in verses such as Philippians 1:29, 30. True leaders always point the saints to Christ as He really is, not how most of today’s leaders would paint Him out to be.
    As we know, unity in the flesh is not and cannot be synonomous with that true unity of the Spirit.

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