The One World Faith and not the One World Religion

Was reading up on Tony Blair, who heads his own “Faith Foundation” seeking inter-faith understanding between the different religions. While he claims to be a Christian he also talks a lot about people from all religions as having a legitimate faith in God, and he calls them “people of faith”, and further, he himself has great faith in this new emerging “faith”, which, he says, is increasing all over the planet in every religion and is the only hope for the future of the planet.

Finally, were this to become reality, there would, in my view, be one major and positive consequence for faith itself. It would allow those of us of faith to discuss and proclaim what our faith means to us, why Faith and Reason go hand in hand and how Faith enriches our lives and guides them, however that might be obscured by our human frailty. It would open up the potential of Faith to many who search for meaning, who are trapped in the present, but have come to regard the faith traditions as the anachronistic preserve of the irrational, the superstitious and the prejudiced. It would allow a true and rational belief in God to direct the path of the 21st Century. That is where Faith belongs. And why the world needs it.

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So the world needs a universal faith? This is Tony Blair’s “faith” – that it doesn’t matter by what name you call God, or whether you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only Savior, just as long as you have “a true and rational belief in God” then you are a person of legitimate “faith” – you are a legitimate member of the new universal One World Faith, of the global faith community and family, and this universal “faith” is what “the world needs” and is the only hope for the future of the world.

Note that he says that he is a Christian, so he claims to believe in Jesus, and at the same time believes that to deny Jesus Christ is also a legitimate “faith”, and even a “faith” which “enriches our lives and guides them”.

Tony Blair is spelling out the Antichrist’s mandate and agenda: That all religious faith is legitimate, good and noble, and therefore all the religions of the world can unite as “one faith” and still keep their own religions – there can be unity in diversity, as all worship the same God, but just by different names and concepts.

So we’re no longer looking at a One World Religion, but a One World Faith.

3 Responses to “The One World Faith and not the One World Religion”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    The legitimacy of the universal “faith” according to Blair:

    positive consequence for faith itself

    how Faith enriches our lives and guides them

    the potential of Faith

    That is where Faith belongs

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Here is one of the stooges of the new One World Faith, a good friend of Tony Blair and Nicky Gumbel:

    Rick Warren:

  3. Jesus Wins Says:

    Ugh! God bless George.W..Bush for moving back into the background and staying there and resisting efforts to bring him on back to the stage. I doff my hat for him unlike Tony Blair who is definitely preparing the ground for AC.
    You are right. It’s a One World Faith. I wonder what the atheists/hateists would say when AC comes on board.

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