What’s on your mind?

What’s on your mind? God, of course. What is more important to think about than Him?

What is fallen human nature? It’s an inner condition which causes people to make avoiding God their first priority in life. Their life amounts to simply a kind of a wall designed to keep any view of God out, and their inner-world, their thought life, so cluttered and jammed with stuff that there’s no space left on their hard drive for thoughts about God.

This was the first thing Adam and Eve did after they sinned – their first priority was to try and avoid any contact with God.

We still carry that nature (Our flesh and the Spirit are at war with one another – Gal 5:16-17) as Christians, yet God Himself, Christ in you, the Holy Spirit, should be INSIDE US to continually remind us that avoiding God is the most stupid thing we could ever try to do, and that it is really the root of what sin is.

...And we hid our faces from Him... (Isaiah 53:3)

Unbelief is the problem. Faith in Jesus Christ is the answer. “The righteousness of faith“. True faith IS righteousness (Rom 4:3, 13).

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  1. Jesus Wins Says:

    Nice post.

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